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Santa PaulaBail Bonds Santa Paulabail bonds are a fully licensed to do bail bonds in Santa Paula call today Santa Paula bail bond agents are standing by to help! Bail Now why wait Knowing the Booking and Release process and how it works can help you avoid mistakes whether a person has been arrested for Domestic Violence, DUI, Possession or any other charges the process for the defendant is the same. The person taken into custody by the Santa Paula Police or Sheriff’s Department will be will be transferred to the local detention center and will be kept there until their first court date called the “Arraignment.” This will be held at the local court house. Bonds are allowed to be posted in any county jail facility 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. How does bail work in Ventura County, CA? Before a bond is turned in and accepted, the arrestee must pass a background check through “Live Scan”, which is a machine that is linked to a county, state and national database. That database will notify the authorities of any possible holds, warrants, or aliases that might prevent release or increase the total bond amount of an arrestee. Once the results of the Live Scan come back from the various government agencies, that person is then “cleared”. At this time, a jailer will now give full bail information and review and accept a Bond for an arrestee and begin to release them on the Bond. ( note this process takes 4- 6 hrs. to be complete just because one gets finger printed does not mean it’s done that’s just the beginning.) From the time a Bond is posted “turned in”, it takes between 4-8 hours for a release depending on the detention center. Release times do vary based on the workload of the jail’s staff. Once out, a person will need to complete his or her part of the paper work with us take a picture, and make sure to show up to each and every court date thereafter. How we operate Bail Bonds in Santa Paula available 24 hours a day unlike some other bail bond companies such as Aladdin bail bonds or bail hotline bail bonds that forward their phone lines at night to another location a Santa Paula bail agent is always standing by even early in the night to assist you with you bail bond needs in Ventura county, CA. Santa Paula Bail Bonds will help your family with the bail bonds process for the Southwest Jail. Our bail agents will work diligently to help your family come together. We offer discount bail bonds for Union Members or for clients already represented by a private criminal defense attorney. To post a bail bond at the Southwest Detention Center, you must first contact a licensed California Bail Bond Agent. If you need immediate inmate information call 951-230-4845 to speak with a licensed Bail Agent. Compare us to Bail Hotline or Aladdin. We offer 24 hour mobile bail services for Riverside County and surrounding areas. There is no need for you to leave the comforts of your home. Our bail agents will handle everything. We are a small Family owned business so we can relate to our clients and their custom financial payment plans unlike other larger corporations such as Aladdin bail bonds, Bail Hotline Bail Bonds, Faustus bail bonds or Apollo bail bonds. What are the different types of Bail? Below is a list of the variety of Bail that is accepted CASH BOND/BAIL For you to be released on cash bail, a person must post with the court the total amount of the bail, in cash, to secure his/her return to court on an appointed date, and thereafter until the case is finished. Full cash bonds are an incentive for defendants to appear at trial. If the defendant appears for his/her court appearances, the cash will be returned to him/her within 60-90 days minus court fees that may have been ordered. However, he/she fails to appear, the cash bond is forfeited to the court! In addition a WARRANT is still put out for their arrest. SURETY BOND (BAIL BOND) The alternative to cash bail is the posting of a surety bond which is also known as a bail bond. This process involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by an admitted insurance company having adequate assets to satisfy the face value of the bond this process is not just Santa Paulabail bonds it is the same for any bail bond company such as Bail Hotline bail bonds of Faustos bail bonds or about time bail bonds or Aladdin bail bonds. Santa Paulabail bonds, guarantees to the court that they will pay the bond forfeiture if a defendant fails to appear for the designated court appearances. No matter if its Santa Paulabail bonds or bail hotline or Apollo bail bonds, we all make a guarantee to the courts through a surety company such as Bankers Insurance Group. For this service, the defendant is charged a premium. To be released by posting a bail bond, the defendant or a relative or a friend, will usually contact Santa PaulaBail Bonds, Inc, an agency licensed by the State of California to post bail bonds. Before a bond is posted, we will interview the proposed guarantor of the bail bond, as well as the defendant and relatives of the defendant, as part of the approval procedure for the bond. By involving family and friends, as well through the acceptance of collateral, Santa Paulabail bonds can be assured the defendant being released on a bail bond will appear at his/her designated court date, as required, until the case is completed. Once an agreement is made, we will complete the application and post the bail bond for the full amount of the bail to guarantee the defendant's return to court. Once a defendant is released on a bail bond posted by Santa Paulabail bonds. they will meet with an agent to be interviewed and go over the terms and conditions of bail Just like you would with Aladdin bail bonds or Bail Hotline Bail bonds. Just like like any other bail bonds such as aladdin bail bonds or bail hotline bail bonds and apollo bail bonds, we strive to make this process as simple as possible yet what seperates us is you will have only one person to deal with for the whole process and never have to deal with another agent. All we ask is for defendants to communicate and be courteous. We offer the comfort of not being in jail while your case is adjudicated! PROPERTY BOND Depending on the court jurisdiction an individual may obtain release from custody by posting a property bond with the court. Here a court records a lien on property, to secure the bail amount if the property meets the requirements of being paid off having no other leans against it and valued at two and half times the bail for the defendant. If the defendant fails to appear in court of his/her designated date, the court may start foreclosure proceedings against the property to obtain the forfeited bail amount. Which means you will LOOSE your HOME Port Hueneme Mobile Notary Public Services Our Port Hueneme bail bonds agents serve Port Hueneme California, we offer Notary Public Service, as well as Mobile Notary Public Service. So any time you are in need of a certification of a document, a document notarized, taking an affidavit or declaration and recording that fact, recording the signature of the person in the register or protocol, or preparing a certificate of acknowledgement, we will be there for you. Compare us to Aladdin or Bail Hotline. fun facts Santa Paula is a city within Ventura County, California, United States. It has been dubbed the "Citrus Capital of the World." As the initial headquarters of the Union Oil Company of California, Santa Paula was one of the early centers of California's petroleum industry. The population was 29,321 at the 2010 census, up from 28,598 at the 2000 census. The area of what today is Santa Paula, was originally inhabited by the Chumash, a Native American people. In 1769, the Spanish Portola expedition, first Europeans to see inland areas of California, came down the Santa Clara River Valley from the previous night's encampment near Fillmore and camped in the vicinity of Santa Paula on August 12, near one of the creeks coming into the valley from the north (probably Santa Paula Creek). Fray Juan Crespi, a Franciscan missionary travelling with the expedition, had previously named the valley Cañada de Santa Clara. He noted that the party traveled about 9 to 10 miles (14 to 16 km) that day and camped near a large native village, which he named San Pedro Amoliano.[7] The arrival of the expedition has been designated California Historical Landmark No. 727.[8][note 1][note 2] Franciscan missionaries, led by Father Junipero Serra, became active in the area after the founding of the San Buenaventura Mission and established an Asistencia; the town takes its name from the Catholic Saint Paula. Santa Paula is located on the 1843 Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy Mexican land grant. In 1872 Nathan Weston Blanchard purchased 2,700 acres (10.9 km2) and founded the town of Santa Paula. Several small oil companies owned by Wallace Hardison, Lyman Stewart and Thomas R. Bard were combined and became the Union Oil Company in 1890. In April 1911, Gaston Méliès moved his Star Film Company from San Antonio, Texas to a site just north of Santa Paula. The large South Mountain Oil Field southeast of town, just across the Santa Clara River, was discovered by the Oak Ridge Oil Company in 1916, and developed methodically through the 1920s, bringing further economic diversification and growth to the area. While the field peaked in production in the 1950s, Occidental Petroleum continues to extract oil through its Vintage Production subsidiary and remains a significant local employer. The town has been devastated twice by floods. The first, known as the Great Flood of 1862, began on December 24, 1861. It rained for almost four weeks, reaching a total of 35 inches at Los Angeles. The second was caused by the failure and near complete collapse of the St. Francis Dam, which took place in the middle of the night. The dam was holding a full reservoir of 12.4 billion gallons (47 billion liters) of water that with the dam collapsed, began surging down San Francisquito Canyon and emptying into the Santa Clara River. The town was first hit by the waters at approximately 3:00 a.m. Though hundreds of homes and structures were destroyed, the loss of life would have been greater if it were not for two motorcycle police officers that noisily warned as many people as possible. A sculpture called "The Watchers" in downtown Santa Paula depicts this act of heroism.[9] A vacuum truck exploded at the Santa Clara Waste Water plant in the early morning hours of November 18, 2014. Two people were injured in the initial explosion, and 50 others were exposed to fumes from the spill of a highly volatile chemical mixture and required treatment at local hospitals.[10][11] The driver was transporting waste from a temporary storage drum to a processing center when he stopped to take a meal break.[12] The white liquid spread to a 300-by-400-foot area (91 by 122 m) that spontaneously combusted as it dried and was sensitive to shock, pressure and the application of water or oxygen. The tires of the first fire truck on the scene and the boots of three firefighters sparked small explosions when they drove and walked over the substance as they went to help the injured workers.[13][14] The incident evolved into a disaster when later in the morning additional materials began to burn and explode, which resulted in a three-mile-long plume of toxic smoke (4.8 km) and the closing of Highway 126.[15] Chemical smoke drifted over the area and nearby residents and businesses were required to evacuate.[16] What was initially reported as sewage was found to be about 1,000 US gallons (3,800 l; 830 imp gal) of a chemical mixture consisting of some sort of organic peroxide.[17] In the first days of the investigation, officials speculated that two inert chemicals mistakenly mixed in the truck and created an organic peroxide substance with sulfuric acid appearing to be part of the mix.[18]Organic peroxide combines unstably bound oxygen together with hydrogen and carbon in the same molecule and ignites easily and then burns rapidly and intensely. While field testing was performed on the reactive material for initial identification, the county hazardous materials manager found that laboratories would not test the chemicals over concerns that lab personnel could be injured or their equipment damaged. Three weeks after the incident, the substance was still highly susceptible to friction and seemed to react to something as slight as wind.[19]Sodium chlorite was identified in an internal investigation by the firm in the months following the disaster. The chemical was being using as a water treatment agent for the first time and was stored in the same type of storage container as wastewater according to the facility owner. The worker may have been confused the different materials and combined them in the vacuum truck where the chemical interacted with organic material in the wastewater, causing the explosion. As of February 2015 authorities are still trying to determine the events that led to the explosion.[20] Although the explosion and resulting fumes caused injuries including the lungs of three fire-fighters who remained off-duty for months afterward, the material scattered around the site was found to be non-hazardous for clean-up purposes.[21] The two fire engines that arrived first remained out of service for months and may ultimately have to be scrapped. The Ventura County Sheriff declared a local emergency so the Ventura County Board of Supervisors could ratify the action and allow the county to seek reimbursement for its costs from state disaster relief funds.[22][23][20] The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency oversaw the decontamination of the site. The material was neutralized and solidified on site.[21] Tons of material were eventually taken to the Chiquita Canyon Landfill in nearby Castaic. Almost three months later on February 10, 2015, the County Supervisors ended the emergency declaration.[24] The facility at 815 Mission Rock Road, Santa Paula, provided service to over 30,000 waste generators. At the time, it had received and processed over 2,000,000,000 US gallons (7.6×109 l) since it opened in 1959.[25] The company says they treat about 100 different streams of waste.[19] The owner of facility said that they never had a major problem such as this since the plant only takes non-hazardous waste.[26] The capacity of the facility was increased to handle up to 100-US-gallon-per-minute (380 l; 83 imp gal) or 140,000-US-gallon-per-day (530,000 L) by 2014.[27] The facility provides an environmentally safe and legal means of treating, disposing and recycling of contaminated but non-hazardous waste as an alternative to dumping untreated wastes into municipal sewer systems or into the environment. The plant uses centrifuges, electrocoagulation, carbon and micron filtration, ozone injection, dissolved air flotation, andchemical treatments. Treated waste water is sent through a pipeline to the city of Oxnard municipal treatment plant. A consortium of six major oil companies (Chevron, Exxon, Mobil, Shell,Texaco and Unocal) established Santa Clara Waste Water to service their internal disposal needs. Eventually the site became a full-service disposal facility for most non-hazardouswastewater.[25] The site is located in a 91 acres (37 ha) industrial area about 2 miles (3.2 km) southwest of the Santa Paula city limits surrounded by agriculture. Green Compass that operates the facility also operates a Class II injection well in Kern County that is tailored toward oilfield production and completion fluids. The only other commercial facility for disposal of oil field waste in the county, operated by Anterra Corp. in Oxnard, temporarily expanded operations after the incident.[28]

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